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One of Santa Cruz’s best & Angulo enthusiast “Gary Niblock”


My first SUP experience was at Waikiki in August 2007. That was considered the early days in my hometown of Santa Cruz CA, because when I returned from Hawaii the first thing I did was to look for a SUP to buy. It actually took awhile for this SUP newbie to find Andy from Angulo Designs, but the first thing he did was to put me on a 10-4 Angulo Olohe. And I haven’t put the paddle down yet. Even though I knew how to surf already, I learned to SUP surf on that first Angulo…the first of four.

Getting the basics down made me hungry for something a bit more performance oriented. Needless to say, with the growth of SUP it didn’t hurt to have a team like Angulo, with Ed at the design helm, to have as my primary SUP resource. My next board was an Angulo 10-2 which Ed named the “Perfect Wave”. This board was another production board, like the Olohe, but the design had more performance features built into the board. This ride was a surfing machine and it was a thrill to move closer to surfing a SUP like a thinner, more conventional traditional surfboard. But an even better board was in my future.

I’ve had my current Angulo 10′ custom board for three years now and it’s one of the only surfboards (it is in fact a stand up surfboard) I’ve even owned that I don’t want to lose. It’s a part of my permanent “longboard” quiver and what I mean my that is that this custom Angulo surfs like a longboard, paddles like a SUP. It’s fast and loose, makes hard right angle turns off the bottom and nose rides like a dream. This board is so much fun and really is my go-to wave rider when I want the versatility to drive fast down the line in overhead surf, or play on the nose when the sun is hot and the waves are 2-3 ft. and glassy.

But my newest Angulo is hot off the press. I’m fortunate enough to live in one of Team Angulo’s main guy’s home town so when most people have to wait for the future, I can get a taste of it sooner. Downwind paddling is exploding here in NorCal and Andy Whitman/Angulo Designs are at the forefront of this new and exciting part of stand up paddling. And why not? It might be new for us Californians, but Ed, who lives on Maui which is Downwind Central for the world, has been living, doing and shaping downwind boards for years. I’ve had the opportunity to demo several of the other labels dedicated downwind SUPs, but after I got on the Angulo Shaka 14 I was sold. This board is stable, light, easy to handle in the crosswind, fast to paddle and it catches the bumps and glides as well or better than anything out there. It is downwind open ocean surfing at it’s best. Think about it. Maui. Hawaii. Surf. Wind. Ed Angulo. Ed has brought all these elements together to create wave and wind craft that you can count on and at reasonable and affordable prices. I said it in 2007 and I’ll say it again now. I am so stoked!


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