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The GU’d story

Technology is great. I’m sitting here on Maui watching the live feed of the “Triple Crown of Surfing” at Sunset Beach on Oahu. All kinds of cool memories of days spent surfing on the North Shore and even earlier days as a grom going on surf trips to new and exciting locations.

Surfing has been great and the growth of the sport is evidence of the stoke that comes from time spent in the water. So many memories… but I have to say that Stand Up Paddling has got me feeling like a kid all over again! What a great activity for life. What’s really neat is that I hear similar stories almost on a daily basis, and I know if you are a SUPer, you are having visions of just what I’m saying. It is this stoke that drives us at Angulo Designs to build boards and products that are fun and easy to use so that your focus is on your experience and not your equipment.

With this in mind, our SUP@ lineup has a board for everyone regardless of age, size, interest or expertise level. We also have tool for you to help you pick the right size board for your needs.

“Volumetrics” is a concept that was introduced to me about 18 years ago by a good friend and waterman, Whitney Guild. Basically he came up with a formula that matches the volume of the board to the experience and size of the rider. Although it is not an exact science, it is a GU’d guide line. Now this is only a starting point, which must be matched with “Virtual Volume”. This is a theory that explores how the volume is distributed on a design… are you confused yet?

Don’t worry. It’s actually very simple. Just go to our glossary page to find the formula. In addition to all of this we have hooked up with other SUP@ SURFAs that are as fired up as we are. They have set up Angulo Test Centers and are ready to help you experience our stoke. Life is GU’d, and we hope to see you in the water having a SUP@ time.

Much Aloha
Ed Angulo

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