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The Very First Time

The month of March has been quite special for me as it offered up a series of ‘first time’ events. First NBA game, first Dodger Spring Training game, first time I’ve been 60. It’s also the first time I’ve surfed in Arizona. No, not at the Tempe wave machine or any other water park, but actually rode ... Read More


Germany to Thailand

I recently attended the memorial service of a friend, mentor, and fellow shaper. Harold “Iggy” Ige was an iconic shaper who has more history and accomplishments than I would even attempt to list. Bottom line is he is a hall of famer whom I had the privilege to work for and with. With Harold I went ... Read More


EDitorials, Epoxy boards verses “Gu’d” epoxy boards

Epoxy boards verses “Gu’d” epoxy boards Many riders ask, “Is this board epoxy?” This question is similar to asking, “Is this a steak?” or “is this an automobile?” The reality is that each question could be answered “Yes”, but you still wouldn’t have full knowledge, or complete information as to the quality or features of said ... Read More

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