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Talk about passion in AZ, burrrrr…

The crew from AZ went to the Northern part of the state to paddle, guess this little snow storm didn't spoil their plans, Thanks for the pics "J", keep up the stoke!

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Discovering the Surfa 9’0

Mini waves but 9'0 surfa was a blast. Perfect FL board, even on the gulf! Catches waves like a longer board but surfs like a way smaller board! It's a one board quiver (if it had to be, but that would be no fun, the Shaka is a must have too). The board was great ... Read More


Shaka stokes from Tahoe to Laguna Niguel

Dave Nicklin and his wife Patricia have spent their lives surfing in Southern California and around the world . A number of years ago they were introduced to Stand up paddling and never looked back. Sound familiar? As Dave puts it, "I've gone completely to the dark side", riding the same double overhead surf as ... Read More



On a warm summer day in Arizona is where our adventure began.  As we crested the hill coming to the breath taking views of Lake Powell.  5 hours due north of Phoenix, we had finally arrived.  Rick Weigele, mere moments away from old age, and Ken Russell set off to paddle some of the most ... Read More


“Team” Angulo Teaches 600 New Paddlers in 12 Days

The San Francisco Bay Area has 600 more standup paddling enthusiasts as a result of 36 two-hour classes offered by Angulo Designs (www.angulodesigns.com) over 12 weekend days in May and June.  Classes were held in Sausalito’s Richardson Bay with vistas of the San Francisco Skyline and Mount Tamalpais that attracted participants from the entire Bay ... Read More


Angulo Shaka 14 – Pure Magic

Saturday May 25, 2012 - A more appropriate name would be hard to imagine. The "Shaka," a world famous hand gesture and expression used by millions to convey a greeting in the Aloha spirit of peace, good will and friendship, has found it's physical expression in this magic downwind SUP. Further, the Angulo Shaka could ... Read More


One of Santa Cruz’s best & Angulo enthusiast “Gary Niblock”

My first SUP experience was at Waikiki in August 2007. That was considered the early days in my hometown of Santa Cruz CA, because when I returned from Hawaii the first thing I did was to look for a SUP to buy. It actually took awhile for this SUP newbie to find Andy from Angulo ... Read More


Angulo Hawaii “Demo Day” @ SUP Shack Santa Cruz

   SUP Shack Santa Cruz & Angulo Hawaii would like to invite you to join us for an afternoon of paddling!  Saturday - April 28th   3 pm – 7:00 pm at the Sup Shack Join the pro’s from Team Angulo for a comprehensive Race Clinic Try out many of the new race, wave and fun series boards from AnguloHawaii Special ... Read More


Paddleboarding + Mexican Food + Drink, a Living Social event

Discover Stand Up Paddling with Angulo Hawaii and Bluerush Boardsports • Sausalito • San Francisco Bay Area: Blustery weather and office etiquette can lead your beachside instincts astray—like when you rushed to the waves with your ironing board and three-piece wet suit. This summer, be sure making a splash means more than just business-speak with this ... Read More


Susan, enjoying her Surfa 10’4

  Susan started paddling almost 2 yrs ago and became addicted to this sport. When I first started out I got some basic instruction, but never really knew if I was doing it right. About 4 months later I met the Angulo team, Andy & Kyle & got to go out on a free demo & try ... Read More

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