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Discovering the Surfa 9’0


Mini waves but 9’0 surfa was a blast. Perfect FL board, even on the gulf! Catches waves like a longer board but surfs like a way smaller board! It’s a one board quiver (if it had to be, but that would be no fun, the Shaka is a must have too).
The board was great jn Santa Cruz and also on the east coast of FL. On the West Coast of FL the period of the swell is so short you need a highly maneuverable board that is stable in chop. When it’s choppy it’s also steep so too long of a board and your jamming on the tail so you don’t pearl. The 9′ Surfa is really perfect. I weight about 190 and its got tons float without being corky and the rocker is dead on. I’m stoked to be on your boards!
Thanks bro,
Dave B


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