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Paddleboarding + Mexican Food + Drink, a Living Social event


Discover Stand Up Paddling with Angulo Hawaii and Bluerush Boardsports • Sausalito • San Francisco Bay Area:

Blustery weather and office etiquette can lead your beachside instincts astray—like when you rushed to the waves with your ironing board and three-piece wet suit. This summer, be sure making a splash means more than just business-speak with this Adventure: a two-hour paddleboarding session followed by a meal of Mexican cuisine and a drink in Sausalito.

Head across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, where our team of upright paddling pros will be on hand to keep us tuned into nature and unglued from our office smartphones. After a brief breakdown of the itinerary and safety tips, we’ll put in a pre-order for our big meals. Then, we’ll saunter toward the waters and pick up our Angulo Designs paddleboards from Bluerush Boardsports, and head out for a two-hour guided glide along the calm glistening waters, all the while taking in the sights of Richardson Bay.

After our leisurely jaunt, we’ll churn back to shore, jump in our respective rides, and head over to family-owned Mexican restaurant La Hacienda, where our scrumptious fare will await. Choose among the offerings, which include huevos rancheros, a breakfast burrito, taco salad, or a deluxe burrito. A house margarita, sangria, or bottled beer will help us wash it all down, while the chips and salsa will keep us sated. After this day of summer fun we can’t help but think everyone will agree life’s better when you’re awash with seawater rather than spreadsheets.

Sign ups start 4-17-2012, limited a space available, please sign up today! 



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