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“Team” Angulo Teaches 600 New Paddlers in 12 Days


The San Francisco Bay Area has 600 more standup paddling enthusiasts as a result of 36 two-hour classes offered by Angulo Designs (www.angulodesigns.com) over 12 weekend days in May and June.  Classes were held in Sausalito’s Richardson Bay with vistas of the San Francisco Skyline and Mount Tamalpais that attracted participants from the entire Bay area, including some from Sacramento to Monterey over 100 miles away.


The introductory classes featured the new 9’8” and 10’8” soft top boards from Angulo Designs along with other boards from their full SUP line.  Beginners of all shapes and sizes found the Angulo boards to be stable, easy to paddle, and light weight.


Classes included on-shore and on-water instruction, a guided tour of the Bay, and an introduction to SUP Yoga.  Most students had never paddled before and had limited knowledge about water sports.  However, they all had a strong desire to try stand up paddling.  Once on the water, the Angulo Designs team had everyone standing, paddling, and smiling from ear to ear.


When asked how they liked paddle boarding, students commonly replied, “I love it! It’s so easy!” Some did not want their paddling session to end.  One group even suggested that they skip their lunch plans to keep paddling. All of the participants agreed that SUP is a fun, enjoyable and relaxing outdoor activity.


After their first lesson, students were very interested in knowing more about:  locations to paddle, yoga classes, SUP races, paddle surfing, the cost of rental equipment, and buying boards in the future.  Several new paddlers were seen back out on the water the very next day or weekend with their family, friends, and dogs. They were all eager to paddle again and introduce others to the sport.


The Angulo Designs team received a 5 star review on Yelp.  On a 10 point scale, 92% of students ranked their SUP experience an 8 or higher; and 64% gave Angulo top marks with 10 out of 10. The Angulo team of instructors included: Andy Whitman, Kyle Wade, Stacey Lovegren, Juli Smith, Karla Wade, and Jens Williford. We are all extremely proud of introducing so many new avid fans to SUP.


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